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Pro Star Roofing is a full service roofing company from a hole in the roof to a complete roof. Pro Star Roofing provides the best customer experience when it comes to your Built-Up Roofing needs. Pro Star Roofing provides attention to finishing the Built-Up Roofing project to you satisfaction. Pro Star Roofing has a dedicated staff to assist with your Built-Up Roofing project. Call today for a free Built-Up Roofing estimate at 210-736-1595.
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With many years of experience with Built-Up Roofing services, the Pro Star Roofing team has set the standard for Built-Up Roofing excellence. Pro Star Roofing has the skills that are needed to provide you with a wide range of Built-Up Roofing needs, and a proven process that has worked for our clients. For results on Built-Up Roofing services, call today at 210-736-1595.
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Built-up roofing, commonly referred to as "tar and gravel" roofs is a type of roof that is generally found with homes that have flat roofs or roofs that are almost flat with no pitch. Built-up roofs have a typical life span between 10 and 20 years depending on how much weather damage occurs. The problem with built-up roofs in the past was the tendency for the roof to sag in a colder environment where ice dams would form and pools of water would form. Today's version of a built-up roof includes bonding of sheets or "plys" to create a protective membrane keeping the water and such elements out. Hot Bitumen, typically made of asphalt, is used between each of these layers of the membrane. The surfacing for built-up roofs include an aggregate of some sort, like gravel which is placed on top of the roof surface after a hot asphalt is mopped to it.

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